Glenn McCusker, Distinguished American

Glenn McCusker was presented The Hall of Fame’s first Distinguished American Award in recognition of his many contributions to the organization. McCusker, chief executive officer of the California-based computer memory firm, was named to the Lou Holtz/Upper Ohio Valley Hall of Fame Board of Directors at a meeting held Oct. 9, 1998, in New York City.

It was largely through McCusker’s efforts that Regis Philbin was able to be in East Liverpool on July 5 to emcee induction ceremonies for the Lou Holtz/Upper Ohio Valley Hall of Fame. McCusker arranged for his private jet to pick up Philbin in the East Hamptons of New York and fly him into the Beaver County Airport.

McCusker, who was not yet 40 years old, was born in Germany and grew up in the small Northern California town of Fairfield. He may best be described as a self-starter, committed to challenging himself and those around him. At age 22, he directed his focus on a challenging field – the computer industry. He moved to Orange County, CA, and for the next few years gained experience in the computer components business, marketing chips and integrated circuits.

Recognizing a memory-starved computer industry as having potential for an explosive aftermarket, a 27-year-old McCusker persuaded his parents to mortgage their home and provide him with a $50,000 loan for a new business venture. In 1988, with a handshake from his parents, he founded Viking Components in South Orange County as a memory distributor. After one year in business in an unstructured PC area, McCusker repaid his debt to his parents and recorded sales revenues of $6 million.

Viking Components went on to become a privately held memory manufacturer based in Rancho Santa Margarita employing more than 550, having a sales revenue of more than $270 million and worldwide offices. Philanthropy and community relations also are important to McCusker. His fondness for children has led the married father of five to spearhead an annual fund-raising effort for the Orangewood Children’s Foundation, dedicated to supporting and aiding abused children in Orange County.