James Pastore

James E. Pastore, known as “JP,” was born in East Liverpool, Ohio, the son of James and Erna Pastore. He is the oldest of three children. Pastore’s father was a carpenter, and his mother was a butcher and factory worker. He attended Southern Local High School.

Upon graduating high school, Pastore began working on his Master’s degree in Martial Arts. This time would prove to be the beginning of a lifetime of sports training & mentoring.

At the age of 23, Pastore began his first brokerage business, while at the same time he started a family. Realizing he needed more business coursework, Pastore attended Kent State University and enrolled in several business classes. He lived out of a rented one-room office, and he taught martial arts in the evenings to make ends meet.

His first brokerage business became the foundation for Jim’s private equity JPI Group. With north of 40 companies and partnerships, more than 1,000 employees and sales in the hundreds of millions, Pastore has built a conglomerate of businesses nationwide.

While growing his companies, Pastore managed to never miss any of his 5 children’s sporting events. His love for sports fueled his true passion, which is helping children reach their dreams. He has created youth athletic camps for all sports.

With the help of fellow inductee Reno Saccoccia, former Beaver Local Football Coach Rich Wright, and his partnership with XPE Sports and Ultimate Athletes Inc., Pastore has helped to facilitate opportunities for numerous local athletes to receive full college scholarships. He has helped more than 1,000 children pursue athletic scholarships across the United States, and many have gone on to pursue professional sports.

Jim has five children, Jamin, Katie, Josh, Kinsey and Jaxon. His wife, Lee Ann Pastore, is also an East Liverpool native.champion.