Frank J. Mangano

Family, hard work, beauty and heritage were driving forces in the life of the late Frank J. Mangano, a native of Newell, WV. The son of an Italian immigrant, Frank took pride in his father's work ethic and accomplishments, often holding him up as an example of what could be achieved through hard work. Frank grew up pumping gasoline and changing tires at his father's service station.

He incorporated into his lifestyle a strong appreciation for teamwork and "giving your all" -- gleaned from his high school and college sports experiences.

As he grew into a man, Frank began his quest for excellence in all that he undertook. In 1968, he formed General Investors, a real estate development corporation that later became the Luzerne Co. His company holdings included radio stations WOHI and WELA and the Bayley Envelope Co. In 1984 Frank bought the D.M. Ogilvie Co., an East Liverpool landmark department store that was anchored at the corner of Fifth and Washington streets. In January 1986, he began construction of Ogilvie Square on state Route 170 in Calcutta. In 1991, he added Ogilvie Square East. Often described as happiest when in the process of building, he was a man who insisted on perfection in everything in which he became involved. His desire for perfection was further heightened by his appreciation for beauty, and he would go the extra mile to make a project aesthetically pleasing.

Throughout his life, Frank amassed considerable wealth, but he kept a unique perspective about money. He often told his family the money did not belong to him, but rather it was a tool to be used. Frank was very generous with this tool. He used it to establish and endow the Mangano Foundation, through which his charities included the Clock Tower, area churches, the YMCA, and the Tri-State Promoters.

Frank was as private a person as he was generous, and he insisted that his contributions be made with total anonymity. His insistence on privacy made him something of an enigma, for although he was a man known by many, he was well known by very few.

Frank's unfortunate death in 1994 halted his effort to establish a community center; thus, the money was distributed to help construct the Frank J. Mangano Memorial Recreational Complex featuring an all-weather track at East Liverpool High School and an all-purpose building at Beaver Local High School. The remainder of the trust was placed with the Tri-State Citizen's Scholarship Foundation, where it has helped many pursue their dreams.

Frank was the father of two daughters, Leanne and Christina, and a son, Frank Antonio Mangano.